Goals and Objectives

  • Foster a learning environment which values and enhances intellectual abilities and interaction among intellectual peers so that students may become self-reflective learners
  • Ensure a rigorous core curriculum based on Indiana academic standards
  • Provide a differentiated curriculum that responds to the academic needs of high ability students
  • Offer an accelerated curriculum to meet individual needs
  • Develop the academic abilities of students so that they will be able to master new and difficult curricular challenges
  • Expose students to cultural experiences
  • Integrate the content areas through key concepts, issues, and themes
  • Assist in meeting the unique social/emotional needs of high ability students
  • Become an integral part of the MSD of Wayne Township community of learners
  • Provide students with opportunities to “learn how to learn,” which requires organizational skills, study skills, and persistence in the face of difficulty
  • Develop critical, creative, and evaluative thinking processes so that students will be able to address complex issues with the necessary tools of problem solving