Screening Instruments Defined

CogAT 7 Measurement of Aptitude

  • Grades: K, 2, & 6

  • Measurement of: potential ability

  • Comprised of:

    • Verbal Reasoning Battery

    • Quantitative Reasoning Battery

    • Nonverbal Reasoning Battery

  • Purpose: Unbiased tool to measure reasoning and problem solving

  • Instructional Implications: Identification for high ability programming

Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test

  • Grades: 6

  • Measurement of: Norm Referenced - Content area of Math

  • Purpose: to determine algebra readiness

  • Instructional Implications: Identification for Math Honors and Horizons placement


  • Grades: 2 & 6

  • Measurement of: Norm Referenced - Content area achievement in the areas of Math and Language Arts

  • Purpose: Determine mastery of grade level content in math, LA, as compared to other students of the same age across the country

  • Instructional Implications: Identification of students for talent development and high ability programming